Uber ride sharing service enters New Zealand in Christchurch

Uber services are well established in Auckland and Wellington cities of New Zealand.The company is planning to test its ride sharing services in Christchurch for the first time in New Zealand.
Uber has requested the government of New Zealand a three-month trial period in Christchurch.The trail is carried out to give the the authorities a better picture on regulating ride-sharing services and to gain further approval in expanding into New Zealand.
The ride sharing services is already regulated and available in various parts of the globe.In this services the driver can operate in part time and can be without complete liscensing as a taxi driver.
The process to become a full time Uber driver takes around $1500 and 12 weeks whereas a part time driver requires 6 days and $20 to register as a part time driver.
This has raised concerns regarding the safety of the service as anyone can operate a taxi.Taxi drivers have stated that they need to spend lot of time and money to be a legal taxi driver whereas part time drivers earn well and get to skip all the formalities.
This is not considered as a level playing for the drivers.The government has yet to consider the request of uber.Taxi operators do not want ride sharing services to be legalized.
Uber has already been battling legal wars over its ride-sharing services and some countries have gone to the extent of even banning them.

Uber and Alibaba take their partnership global.

Alibaba’s online payment service Alipay is collaborating with Uber.The duo who are in co-operation for payment option in Chinese market are taking this global.This allows Chinese users abroad to pay for uber via Alipay.The cross-border payment option first begins in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.he most visited places for Chinese New Year celebrations.The availability of this option in other parts of the Globe is not announced yet.
Asia whould be the area of concentration for the duo’s strategic expansion.US, Canada and Australia would be the three major countries where Alipay would be made available on Uber with respect to the huge Chinese population in these countries.
This move makes Uber to be the preffered taxi service for chineese traveler abroad.Also Alipay would start getting international attention for its future global expansion.This could also gain Alipay a better position as a third-party payment option similar to Apple pay ,Android wallet or Samsung pay.
Alipay has 400 million active users and there are around 150 million Chinese foregin travelers, most of who are tech savvy and would love to have service like Uber with such ease of payment options.
This move comes in wake of the strategic partnership of the local rivalry of Uber, Ola in India, Lyft in US, Didi Kaudi in China and GrabTaxi in Southeast Asia have come together.This partnership lets customer use their national app to access the local transportation with respect to the country they visit.This is done by securely interlinking their API.
With competitors making carefully constructed moves to bring down uber.This partnership of Alipay and Uber is much required to retain its market.

Uber’s new and refreshing look

If you have updated you’re Uber app you would have noticed the new logo with a circle from the previous “U” logo.The background color changes with each country.The app has customized colors and design for each of the 68 countries the app is used for a ride.
According to the CEO Kalanick and his team of designers decided to give brand refreshment to their logo.The old logo as described by Kalanick was more like 1990s style.The philosophy of the the new logo is “bits(Technology) and atoms(humanity)”. The new branding is stated as a celebration of the cities it is serving.The bit will be appearing through out the company’s site and app.
Also the black and white representation of the previous logo was more a luxurious look which uber is not, given its rise of access and affordability.
This will let the company use this logo for various portfolios it is planning to venture.Uber has already moved into food delivery , merchant delivery and automated cars.The company still has various plans in its latent stage.
The company has also changed its typeface for the main logo which according to the CEO is less fussy.
According to the company the design was deveolped after intense research of artistic designs, textiles, scenery, fashion and people to design authentic design for each country.
When multi national companies consider brand imaging to be consistent and cardinal rule Uber is breaking this and trying to be unique for the geography it serves.

Uber uses data extracted from its drivers

In uber business structure drivers are not their employees, but contractors to which uber acts as a platform to get them customers. But when it comes to extracting data uber uses the data generated even during the driver’s idle time (commonly called dead time among the drivers).This is useful to Uber which can be used to analyse traffic patterns and create algorithms.
This dataset can also help in manipulating supply and demand surge pricing.The driver may not be engaged in a ride and will be moving from one place to another, possibly from a low density area to a high density area.All this data is immensely useful to Uber but does the company pay its drivers for helping generate these data? No they do not.
The uber drivers claim this as technological exploitation and demand they be treated as uber’s employees.These accusations are also directed towards similar services like lyft which gather data from the drivers.
Drivers also complain about the lack of data privacy and all the data generated by the drivers is potentially against them.As uber has stated that the future of the company will be self driving cars.
The self driving cars research has been very competitive between google and uber.With uber hiring the Google maps executives for its research team.
Uber is already entangled in legal battles where drivers are demanding for employee status and the data extraction has caused quite a rage among drivers demanding wages for what they provide the company.

Uber Offering Rides in McLaren P1

Uber comes up with its new feature, offering rides in McLaren P1 which is considered to be one of the fastest cars in the world.

National Geography has been hooked up with Uber in order to promote its new show by bringing a group of vehicles which are hybrid and fuel vehicles.

Passengers who like to have a ride on the hybrid car can open the app and type the promo code ’BREAKTHROUGH ’ and select their favorite car from a variety of vehicles including Tesla S Model, BMW i8 and many more. The promotion has already activated on Oct 27 and lasts till Oct 30 between 12pm and 7pm which will be available below 59th street in Manhattan.

Breakthrough is a show in scientific discovery; the car selection was chosen to bring New Yorkers to a new technology. It uses up to eight liters of twin turbo V8 engine expanded by 176 HP electric motor. P1 has a mileage of 18 miles per gallon, which doesn’t seem to be much admirable when compared to its speed which covers a 0.25 miles distance in just 9.8 seconds.

In Manhattan, it is really very hard to get close to the speed even if it is an extraordinary car. Heavy acceleration will make you have a cool experience, where you get a unique feeling which you have not experienced in your life.

A breakthrough has started showing up in National Geographic on Nov 1. Now many of the Newyorkers are ready to book an Uber ride to enjoy a cool ride.

Uber projected a Rise In its Booking 2015

Uber a ride hailing company has experienced an increase in its booking to some billions this year and is expected to increase further by next year.

The company, which operates in more than 50 countries, has kept only 20 percent of revenue in order to solicit investment in Uber’s F financing fund. This plan offers a rise in the growth of this ride hailing company in global level.

Based on the above calculation, the revenue for the year 2015 will be roughly 2 billion dollars where the final investment is 50 billion dollars.

Uber links various drivers with customers, but it has been banned in some cities as they operated by unlicensed drivers. It is also working with authorities to raise the ban.

Uber provides its customers with a facility to get a taxi with a single swipe in their smart phones, instead of booking for a taxi or waiting in the roadside.

From a slideshow, it is clear that china life insurance Company and china Taiping have invested in the ride sharing company for the past years. China life insurance agreed with it while china Taiping declined.

Uber is losing some of its money, as it provides incentives for some drivers in order to get a large amount of market share. Uber has suffered a lot with its ban in some countries which include France, Thailand and Spain.

Some amount of backers ranging from Benchmark and New Enterprise are some investors who have given 5 billion dollars in order to build a computer management network.

It is Easy To Expense A Ride Using Uber business profile

Uber launches a new scheme where users are allowed to have their business travel with the help of their business profiles. User can able to add memos, project codes and set up credit cards by entering their work email address. They are also allowed to know about their monthly or week expenses.

Payments will be processed with their credit cards by a couple of taps, where they will get the reports automatically.

Some users use the app to play and some use it for their business. Now the app provides an opportunity for the users to do both.

Check Ridey – an Uber clone scritp by Zoplay – www.zoplay.com/web/uber-clone

Using Uber app, user can switch between their work and personal profile just by a couple of taps. On the drop-down box of confirmation screen user can find the switch option. The last four digits of the credit card number will be next to the switch option.

To connect with personal and business profiles, users can create badges where they can rename the profiles at any time.

Uber has experienced millions of business rides which were not announced yet. It is also considered to work more on business travel features which act as a great tool to reach its destination.

The benefits of having business profiles:

  • Users can set up a separate payment option for their business account.
  • Can able to add notes to ride.
  • Receipts will be automatically directed to appropriate work email.
  • User can separate their work informations from social life.

Uber’s plan to boost business in Connecticut

Uber, the most used online ride hailing service across several countries is constantly experimenting with new deals to expand its service wider and stronger. It applies to the famous state Connecticut as well. In order to attract more riders and boost its economy, the company has planned to reduce the ride fares. The plan has already been implemented throughout the state and has received an immense shout out from people across several cities. It is considered to be a potential threat to all the local services operating in the city. Several people would now prefer the Uber service to other services.

The company follows a clever strategy that is known to be a three tier system which basically means pay-per-minute, pay-per-mile and a base fare. But critics say Uber is facing a huge loss and hence it is introducing drastic plans to make up for it. Very cheeky, eh? The plan seems to be working out accordingly. The exciting deals have put other services to a major risk, one such service is West Haven-based Metro based Taxi. But the company’s spokesperson denies the fact that Uber being its potential threat. Though Uber has come up with many attractive deals, it does not have appropriate plans for the elder citizens of the country which could be a huge drawback! Nevertheless, the plan to boost business in the state Connecticut has won over many hearts, hope Uber keeps bringing good news and does not disappoint its users!

Toronto drivers to protest against Uber, UberX

Uber is growing stronger each day and it has come to the position where no force can stop its immense growth. It is definitely a thing to be proud of, but the rising fame has fetched some serious troublemaking controversies to the company. Toronto is one of the populated states in the world, and it is also Uber’s money making state. It has introduced many deals and offers that has put other local services to a potential risk. The local taxi drivers are finding it pretty tough to make money after Uber’s successful campaigns. Uber does not seem to be bothered about the local services’ complaints and is in fact working on more future plans.

A cheaper ride fare is one among the many offers from Uber which in turn grabs a lot of attention from the Canadian state. Lately, the unregulated ride hailing service has also been getting a lot of curses from the local services. The taxi drivers have now decided to strike a protest on the most used riding service, Uber. They want justice and a serious interference from the city officials. Few cities in Toronto have temporarily banned Uber, but despite the ban it is still operating without a legal notice. A bit of politics is involved in this so called “fair play”, sarcasm much? Let us sincerely hope Uber and UberX to stop creating frustrations in several dozens of drivers who depend on their jobs to pay the bills.

Uber Investor Jim Coulter criticizes Amsterdam

Uber, the famous online raid hailing service is operated in many countries across the globe. It is the most popularly known online service just like the online shopping giant Amazon. Uber is also a prey to many controversies in several cities. The Dutch city officials have banned the ride sharing service Uberpop from the city. This could cause a serious damage to the company’s market revenue. However, Uber will continue to operate in the city with professional taxi drivers.

The ride sharing service Uberpop allows the private drivers to offer rides to the users and make money off it. It is one of the important features of Uber that makes it extra special when compared to the other local services. But many controversies like sexual harassment, high ride fare arise due to this facility. The taxi drivers from many cities across the globe have always felt an intense competition from America’s company Uber. The company spoils the lives of many local taxi drivers who depend on their jobs to pay the bills. However, the Amsterdam’s severe action on Uber has brought the smiles back on the taxi drivers’ face. The local services are also silently rejoicing with Uber’s fall.

The city officials have announced Uberpop is illegal only because it serves the company with unknown private drivers. Uber’s investor Jim Coulter has severely criticized the government for lagging behind in technology and is definitely not very happy with Amsterdam’s decision to ban Uberpop. The company has promised its users to bring the ride sharing service back to the Dutch city.